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3 Benefits Of A Newsletter To Your Home Business

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Contrary to popular belief, and with the seemingly unstoppable rise of the social media platforms, email is still the most effective way to reach out to your prospects and clients in a personal way. Here are 3 main benefits to your business in publishing your own newsletter.

1. Keeping In Touch

Repeat business and satisfied customers is the lifeblood of any business. A newsletter allows you to add that personal touch to your relationship with your existing customers, such as celebrating important milestones in your business and your customer’s. In addition to furthering your relationship with your customers, a newsletter can also give you a platform to introduce new products and services, such as offering special sales or discounts, which will no doubt increase loyalty and encourage referrals.

2. Hook In New Customers

Unless they have an immediate need or came to you through a powerful referral, most potential customers won’t buy right away. Often they will shop around and compare which means you will likely never see them again. However if you have a free newsletter that offers interested clients the opportunity to learn more about you, your business, and your products for free and they can also learn more about your interaction with your existing customers. A newsletter can be a very simple strategy to turn a one-time visitor into a lifetime customer.

3. Establish Your Expertise

No one knows more about your business than you do, which makes you an expert. Likely the construction of your own business has further left you with a great deal of expertise in your field. Share your nuggets of knowledge through your newsletter to deepen your relationship with your existing customers and convince potential customers that you are the answer to their problems.

Now that we have convinced you that you need to publish your own newsletter, let’s go over a couple of key points. These may seem rather obvious but they are nonetheless worth reiterating.

What exactly makes an electronic newsletter?

Just like their paper counterparts, electronic newsletters deliver written messages around a common topic or theme of interest to your audience. The main difference being an electronic newsletter is “evergreen” and remains indefinitely on the internet. The advantage of this is you only need publish your content once and but it will keep working to attract new readers to your newsletter indefinitely. Most autoresponder services will provide a link to a web archive of your newsletter.

What’s the best way to publish an electronic newsletter?

It is much easier to start publishing your own electronic newsletter than it is to start a print publication. You simply need to decide on a topic, name your publication and start writing. It is relatively straightforward to find an audience (beyond your own customer base if you choose) through the various ezine and newsletter directories around the internet as well as going directly to the source, for example discussion boards for people interested in your topic.

You will need to determine a delivery method, which means most likely setting up your own web site or page on your existing web site; creating an archive for your issues once they are created, which could mean setting up a blog; and tracking your readers, which likely means setting up a mailing or autoresponder service. However you can use free tools to do any of these things.


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