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4 Ways to Use Email Auto-Responders in Your Business

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As a home business entrepreneur, particularly in the early stages, you will often find yourself wearing many hats: you will be the one running the business, responding to customer service call, doing the selling etc…In these circumstances, it is never a bad idea to automate as many of the processes in your business as you can to help alleviate your workload. Thankfully autoresponders have been around long enough to make that task easier. Here are 4 key areas in your business you should be automating with email:

1. Communicating with your customers

You will be amazed at how many business owners fail to implement this simple yet very effective strategy. Don’t assume because they are already customers you don’t need to spend as much time and effort communicating with them.  In fact, your existing customer base can be worth as much as ten times compared to new customers! Always strive to add value to your existing customers by presenting them with offers that they can both use and happily recommend to their peers.

Many small businesses get caught up focusing on, and chasing, the next new customer and forget the customers they already have. However, customer retention, loyalty and service are the foundation stones of any small business’s survival. –

2. Getting new business

We’ve already seen how your existing customers are a valuable source of revenue. But as a business owner you also need to have systems in place to acquire new business. Setting up a series of auto-responders for each of your products will not only help convert those prospects that are ready to bu,y but will also keep your products and services fresh in the mind of those who are not there yet. And you only need set up your auto-responders once and they will keep doing the work for you.

3. Deliver training material

One of the main attributes of content marketing is in educating your audience while also selling to them in an unobtrusive way. Take every opportunity to offer training material to your customers and prospects via your email auto-responders. This can range from basic information on how to use your products to more advanced trainings and how-to’s which you could even sell as an additional benefit. You could also choose to deliver streaming videos and pdfs via your own private membership site.

The challenge is that trust cannot be bought and has to be earned. Trust can be earned by producing things like useful guides, how-to’s, blog posts, newsletters etc. –

4. Deliver customer training and support

If you find yourself in a situation where you are repeatedly providing the same answers to common questions why not set up an auto-responder series with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) ? Write down what questions are frequently asked and break them down into a series of answers through your auto-responder. You may find this  significantly reduces your workload even further.

Do take the time to review and update your auto-responder messages from time to time to keep them fresh and relevant. Your communication systems are one of the key factors that will differentiate your business to your prospects and customers in a crowded marketplace.


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