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5 Nifty Subject Line Tricks To Get Your Emails Opened

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It’s all good and great working hard to write the perfect email but if nobody opens it, it’s all wasted effort.

Try spicing up your subject lines with  the following tricks:

1. Get personal

Let’s face it, no one likes to be approached by strangers, which is precisely why you need to let your personality shine through.

Some people won’t like your personality while others will. This is because they see themselves in you, and they’ll become raving fans.

Examples: “Three experts in our niche that are flat out WRONG,” “Why I loathe beets and want them exterminated from the planet,” “Why I check under my bed before going to sleep,” and “10 things the worst world leader in history taught me.”

2. Illustrate with numbers

In a sea of big words (check your Gmail inbox) numbers and symbols stand out.

For example: “7 ways to not screw up,” “3 people I hate” and “5 days in the doghouse.”

3. Ask a pertinent question

For whatever reason, questions just seem to work better than statements. They appeal to our deeper nature.

For example, instead of writing, “How To Kill It With Email”, you might ask, “Who Else Wants to Kill It With Email?”

Other examples: “Why Can’t We Get Along?”, “Is Black The New White ?”

4. Pique curiosity

Unusual headlines get clicks – sometimes. This one is a little tricky, but if you can arouse enough curiosity, you’ll be blown away at how many subscribers open your emails. Just make sure to stay on brand and in tune with your brand voice.

Examples: “The Dessert Only Diet”, “3 Surprising Ways To Work With Your Competitors”.

5. Write super short subject lines

There was a reason why, for a while, you kept seeing the subject line, “Hey.”

Because it worked.

But like anything else, once it’s used too much, its effectiveness wears off.

Still, every once in a while try using either a one word subject line, or a short subject line that you use as a great opening to a story. Examples:

“Damn,” “That’s when I knew,” “Groan…” “Facepalming AGAIN,” “Yikes!” “Oh no!” “How did THAT happen?” “Unbelievable!” and so forth.

And one last sneaky but ultra-important tip: Always send out your emails a second or third time to everyone who didn’t open them the first time.

Nearly every autoresponder offers this option.

Send out an email in the morning. Wait 8 to 12 hours, and then resend it to everyone who didn’t open it the first time.

Use a different subject line the second time, but keep the email the same.

Your second subject line can be entirely different from the first, thus (hopefully) sparking interest in those subscribers who didn’t open the first one.

Or you can simply say, “You missed this earlier email,” or some such.

It’s a great way to reuse your emails and keep yourself front of mind with very little effort. You’re not annoying those subscribers who opened your first email and you’ll get more clicks, traffic and sales with almost no additional effort.

You can even schedule the second email when you send out the first. Just make sure to send it only to those readers who did not open it the first time.


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