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How To Find Your Passion And Make Money

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HAVING a job is one thing, but finding your passion in life and making money from it is quite another! Growing up, most of us have been taught that working in a job is not always fun, but that it is important to pay the bills. Sensible advice, you may think. But the problem is we have been railroaded into abandoning some of our dreams in favour of what’s “sensible”.

In the days before the internet this may have made a lot sense, but this kind of thinking does not reflect today’s reality. These days, time and again, people have proven that passion and profit actually do mix! More and more people are starting to re-write their lives the way they want to.

And there is no age limit as long as you have the passion and the drive to succeed.

What steps can you take to turn your dream business into reality ?

Step 1: Find Your Passion

IF you’re like most and you weren’t born with the talents of a Michaelangelo or Michael Jordan, you may not know exactly what you’re passionate about, what excites you.

You know you enjoy certain activities but you’re not sure you can call them a passion. So perhaps the first thing you need to figure out is what is your passion? What makes you excited to get up in the morning? You know what you don’t want (eg. your current career); but defining exactly what you want is slightly trickier.

A good first step is to write down all the things you’ve always wanted to do, but never had the chance (or time) to do because of your circumstances. Is it learning haute cuisine? Landscaping? Bakery? Interior Designing? Don’t limit yourself. This is not the time to be “sensible”, just let it flow. A good question to ask is “what would I be doing right now if money was no object”?

If you draw a blank, take some sort of action and go try something new. Have you always wanted to try salsa dancing? Then go take a couple of classes. Even you don’t become the next world salsa champion, just the experience will get your creative juices flowing.  Sometimes, we don’t even know what we want until we’ve tasted it.

Step 2: Narrow The List

I'm extremely grateful that I discovered my passion. I love movies. I love to watch them, I love to make them. - George Lucas

OK, now that you’ve had your fun, now is the time to get “sensible”. Look at your list again and narrow it down to your top three. These three should all be feasible and something that you would show promise for. They should be something you are either very interested in or considerably talented at. It shouldn’t be something you’d bore of quickly.

For example, gardening may seem interesting to you – but only if you do it every now and then. If that’s the case, forget it. But if you know that you’ll never get tired of it, leave it in.

Narrowing the list down gives you a more realistic take on things. As you draw up your top three, your mind will start churning out ideas on how to make money off them.

Step 3: Pick A Winner

Pick one only; in the beginning, you don’t want to overwhelm yourself. Pursuing more than one passion can distract you and divide your attention unnecessarily.

Now from the top three, pick one that has the best chances of really making money AND interests you the most.

Step 4: Do Some Research

AS excited as you may be, best keep your business head on. Just because baking is your passion doesn’t automatically mean you’ll succeed at it. It does mean you have a pretty good chance a succeeding as long as you’re backed by strong determination and remain grounded.

You still have to think like a business person when it comes to building your empire. You need to find out who your target market is, what products you should offer, your marketing strategy, and your long-term goals.

Step 5: Stay Positive

IT’S not going to be a walk in the park setting your business up; it will by no means be an easy ride. You will have your ups and your downs, but as long as you start seeing results stick with it. It will be 100 times more fulfilling when you’re doing something you really love and believe in.

THE trick is to stay as positive as you can. Surround yourself with a positive support network. This way, you’re not likely to give up on your goals and you’ll feel more empowered to overcome the challenges thrown your way. After all, this isn’t just any company you’re working for. This is your OWN company and your OWN vision.

Pursuing our passions should be natural to us, but society has trained us to be afraid of them. In this day and age, we don’t have to settle for dead end careers we don’t appreciate. It’s in our power to turn our passion into a real business. You can have the most obscure interests and still make money off them if you’re really determined and have done your research. It’s just a question of confidence and self belief.


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