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The Power of 5 Minutes

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Do you always feel like you’re running from one task to the next in your home business and your life?

The good news is, no matter how busy  you feel you are, you can always find 5 minutes out of your busy  schedule and broaden your perspective a little.

So what can you really accomplish in 5 minutes ?

1. Take 5 minutes each day to clear out clutter

Maybe your home office needs some clearing ? You do have a dedicated work area at home, right ? If not you really do need to make one. It’ll make switching from home mode to work mode and back that much smoother. And while you’re cleaning out that work area allow yourself to enjoy the moment. Clutter free lives help us think more clearly and focus better. Research shows that people with a tidy work area are much more productive.

2. Take 5 minutes to go for a walk

Go find something beautiful or inspiring in your area you haven’t seen before. This will open you up to the many blessings in your life you often overlook when you’re too busy running your business. This can even double up as your daily exercise routine.

3. Take 5 minutes to  exercise

If you’re one of those people that prefers to dedicate some time specifically  to exercising then you don’t have to physically go to the gym. Intersperse some exercising throughout your day in five minute intervals and you may well be surprised at your progress. Just think about it, just 6 lots of 5 minutes adds up to 30 minutes daily!

4. Take 5 minutes to clear your mind

This can happen even while you’re watching TV. A five minute prayer or meditation does not have to be a formal undertaking, but it does need to allow you some space to reflect on the day and yourself. This can be as simple as closing your eyes and watching your breath. If you do believe in a higher spiritual power, there is nothing wrong in setting aside a few minutes each night before going to bed to meditating or praying some more.

One conscious breathe in and out is a meditation. - Eckhart Tolle

5. Take 5 minutes to fix a proper meal

OK, maybe 5 minutes is a bit of a stretch but by now you get the point. Cooking for yourself and your family every now and then is not only relaxing but healthy. Ensure you have plenty of fruit and vegetables (as they all say), as well as lean protein and good carbohydrates and oil in your diet to maintain your body and mind in good health. You will soon notice a positive difference in your energy levels.

Feel free to add your own thoughts to this list.

William Alldred

William Alldred is an Affiliate Marketer with a passion for building profitable businesses around his lifestyle and helping others do the same along the way.

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