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The 4 Letter Word That Will Make You Rich

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IF you’re building a business online, there’s a FOUR letter word you need to get familiar with.

Inexperienced marketers HATE this word. They will do most anything to AVOID it like the plague.

And they get mad when you suggest that maybe, just maybe they should consider adding this word to their business vocabulary.

No, we’re not talking about ‘work’ …

Seasoned marketers in the 6, 7 and 8 figure income range LOVE this word…they adore this word.

They credit this word for building their online empire, for making their house payments, for sending them on wonderful vacations and for feeding their ever-growing bank accounts.

Have you guessed the word yet?

Here’s another clue: by using this word you can test, track and optimize your entire business online.

You can also turn on the hosepipe of your money-making machine anytime you like, and turn it up as high and fast as you like.

The word is “paid,” and we’re talking here about paid traffic.

Inexperienced marketers are certain that paid traffic is somehow a scam.

Seasoned marketers know differently.

Let’s say you’re about to launch a new product. How do you find out how well it converts? By buying traffic.

How do you tweak and optimize your funnel to get the highest conversions? Yes, you’ve guessed it, paid traffic.

How do you get the metrics you need to get affiliates on board promoting your product? Same old. Same old.

How do you make money on demand, 24/7/365? I think you get it…

The skill in using paid traffic is in learning how to turn $1 into something more. If you could say, turn every $1 invested into paid traffic into $3 how long do you think you could keep your business going ?

Free traffic methods, ie. social media posts, SEO… can (and should) also be used in addition to paid traffic methods, but don’t make the mistake of thinking you can kickstart your business online by using free traffic methods alone.


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