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What NOT to Do When Selling

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A friend of mine was on a conference call the other day for what you might call a hot new niche in selling. He was pretty excited.

The person doing the presentation was taking a while getting to the offer. And when he finally got to it, he spent an awful lot of time waxing lyrical on how great the offer was.

Maybe TOO much time.

Have you ever been “over-sold?” It’s when the person doing the selling winds up talking too much, and you wind up not buying a product you had fully intended to buy.

Like maybe you want to buy a car. You’re ready to buy. You’ve given the salesperson all the buy signals you can give. But they keep going on and on and on and on about how freakin’ gosh darn amazingly GREAT that car is, and finally you give up and walk away instead of buying.

This is what happened to my friend. He liked the information on the call.  He was ready to buy, but the seller kept talking and talking and by the time they finally got to the price and sales page, he had changed my mind.

He figured if he thought he needed THAT MUCH HYPE to sell it, then maybe it wasn’t very good.

Two weeks prior, something similar happened. The guy on the call must have said over 20 times, “It’s as easy as taking candy from a baby.”

Well, if it’s so gosh darn easy, why isn’t everyone doing it? There was a bit of reality on the call when he briefly let one of his assistants talk for a bit, saying how excited she got when someone was struggling with this business but then started making sales.

Ah-hah! Finally, a bit of truth. I wanted to hear more from her. I wanted to BUY from her, because I knew that she was being honest and would tell it like it is. But he immediately took her off the call and went back to his “candy from a baby” nonsense.

I didn’t buy that product, either.

So here’s my take-aways from these two calls:

First, don’t over sell and don’t over hype. People hate that. And you will lose sales.

Second, be honest. Tell me it’s going to take some work. Tell me there’s a learning curve. Tell me that you’ll be there to answer my questions when I get stumped, because I will get stumped.

It’s great to get excited and be enthusiastic. But give your listeners some credit for intelligence, and they’ll be much more likely to believe you and buy from you.


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